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Central Vancouver Island Japanese Canadian Society



We are planning on connecting and engaging with survivors who live in Central and Northern Vancouver Island. We will be listening to their stories starting from settlement in Canada and their internment experience during WWII and beyond.

Goals of this project are to provide opportunities for Japanese Canadian Survivors to share their stories letting them know that it is now a safe time and place to share their feelings about their experiences with no shame or fear of being targeted because of racism. The telling of stories may provide a venue for healing and sharing.

In addition to the personal journey, we hope to add to the collective acknowledgement of experiences and provide descendants of survivors with intergenerational information that can lead to better understanding of their relationships with their family members. So many family members have the experience of “I never understood why…” and do not have a good understanding of the impact of being a child or grandchild of a survivor. In this way, we hope to provide an avenue for healing of relationships.

Many survivors see what is happening now and do not want racism to continue. Sharing their story can be a way forward to prevent racial profiling and other acts of atrocities toward marginalized groups of people.

We would like to interview survivors with a small group of 7 Potatoes volunteers as well as hiring a professional video contractor. We recognize the intensive amount of time required to travel throughout Vancouver Island to complete this project but feel this is historically very important to capture before it is too late. Prior to interviewing each survivor, our organization will do some research into each family history in order to be prepared with appropriate questions to prompt the interview.

  • Listing ID: 1512
  • Primary Applicant: Central Vancouver Island Japanese Canadian Society
  • Event or Completion Date: Sunday, December 31, 2023
  • Approved Amount: $7,000
  • Location: Nanaimo, BC