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Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association



On February 26, 1942 upon the enactment of PC 1486 empowering the Minister of Justice to control the movements of all persons of Japanese origin in the protected area, notice was issued to all persons of the Japanese race to leave the coast.

This event which begins at 10am and ends at 3pm on Sunday, February 27, 2022 will include:

  • An invitation to 100 Internment survivor guests to participate in Internment story sharing circles
  • The offering of refreshments, nourishing and enjoyable snacks for survivors, and survivor family members to enjoy while participating in or witnessing the sharing of internment stories
  • The completion of written consents from survivors and survivor family members who agree to be documented as their internment survivor family stories are shared.
  • Starting from 10am and at the National Nikkei Museum and Cultural Centre, Survivors and Seniors will gather to renew friendships, remember their internment experience and share their stories, in story sharing groups taking place within 5 group spaces at the Nikkei Centre
  • The audio video documentation of survivors who are sharing their stories and engaging in dialogue with one another
  • The provision of volunteer support counsellors who will be on hand should individuals or family groups wish support for their emotional response during story sharing
  • Counselling check in with each story sharing group to offer support upon the conclusion of sharing circles by 12pm
  • A break and rest before attendance at the Survivor Celebration Keirokai Luncheon which will begin at 1pm
  • The Survivor Celebration and 80th Anniversary of the Internment Keirokai Luncheon, which will feature:
    • A special bento lunch for 180 guests
    • Desserts including a Commemoration Celebration Cake
    • Refreshments which will include ocha, and other beverages
    • Gift bags for survivor and other senior guests
    • Acknowledgment and special gift for seniors who were born in the year of the Tiger
    • Acknowledgment and special gift for Oldest Senior Woman and Man
    • An Entertainment Program: featuring singing groups, Odori, taiko performance, radio taiso exercise and additional special entertainment
    • Offer of transportation as needed for any survivor who requires transportation support
  • Listing ID: 1517
  • Primary Applicant: Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association
  • Event or Completion Date: Sunday, April 3, 2022
  • Approved Amount: $10,000
  • Location: Burnaby, BC