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Japanese Community Volunteers Association (Tonari Gumi) jointly with Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association AND Steveston Community Society



The purpose of the Japanese Canadian Survivors’ Social Club is to provide social contact, camaraderie and connectivity for survivors and other seniors to reduce isolation and enhance social and mental wellness. The social club will plan and host regular get-togethers over talks, music, meals, films, walks and various cultural and historical trips, etc. In addition to allowing survivors to interact with each other, the social club will also involve other seniors within the community and promote some inter-generational events where both seniors, survivors and other generations can share experiences. These inter-generational activities will provide opportunities for the younger generations to directly experience history through the stories and experiences of the survivors. Together with our partner organizations and other organizations within the community, the various events and activities will take place not only at Tonari Gumi, but at other locations within the community, such as in Steveston, to facilitate more survivors and their descendants being able to participate in the events. We are hopeful that pandemic restrictions will be sufficiently relaxed to allow all of our survivors to participate, but should various restrictions remain in place, we will tailor our activities to allow as many seniors and survivors to participate in our various activities.

  • Listing ID: 1523
  • Primary Applicant: Japanese Community Volunteers Association (Tonari Gumi)
  • Joint Applicant(s): Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association, Steveston Community Society
  • Event or Completion Date: Friday, June 30, 2023
  • Approved Amount: $30,000
  • Location: Vancouver, BC