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Kamloops Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temple



This book will record the history of the Kamloops Buddhist Temple through short stories and photos. We hope to include photos from the beginnings of the church until present day. We plan to record oral histories and memories from all survivors and members.
The book will include the ministers who have served our temple, the members who have served as Presidents and Directors of the Board. We hope to include Sunday School, the Young Buddhists group, conventions, socials, camping trips in the summer, and a section of the recipes used by the Fujinkai ladies auxillary.

We hope to involve all of the 32 surviving members of the temple plus other survivior friends. We would like to host coffee or lunch socials to encourage discussion and gather information. Survivors will be provided transportation to bring them to the socials. If the survivor is not able to attend the social, we will arrange visits to record memories of their involvement with the temple.

The book will have a hard cover, up to 200 pages – which will include some writing and both black/white and color photos.
Photos will be taken of the pictures collected and stored on USB sticks. We will try not to ‘borrow’ photos to avoid loss. These photos will then be categorized in to subject sections for use in the book – eg Ministers, Sunday School, Fundraising.

There will be a chief editor plus 2 or 3 assistants to complete the book in one year.

We would like to publish 100 copies to be able to gift a book to families of past members and the temples across Canada. Additional copies will be given to the Kamloops museums and archives, JC cultural centre and non member survivors.

  • Listing ID: 1528
  • Primary Applicant: Kamloops Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temple
  • Event or Completion Date: Saturday, December 31, 2022
  • Approved Amount: $7,000
  • Location: Kamloops, BC