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Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre



This project aims to connect with Japanese Canadian seniors who survived exile from B.C. and who have connections to the region of Niagara during resettlement in Ontario. The project will act as a culminating celebration of a digital exhibition about Japanese Canadian exile in Ontario (curated in partnership with Japanese Canadian seniors and the Toronto NAJC), called ‘Exiles in Our Own Country, Japanese Canadians in Niagara’ by Addie Kobayashi.

To celebrate the completion of the digital exhibition, we aim to invite seniors from Ontario with connections to the Niagara area to come to the museum for a day of activities. This will include visiting the exhibitions, where Japanese Canadian stories are highlighted as a part of the greater local history, participating in a workshop involving objects and memory, and enjoying a catered lunch.

The workshop, titled Hands on History, will engage seniors with the past through memory and storytelling. In this workshop participants will explore the connections between artifacts, objects, and memory. Participants will be invited to bring objects of importance to them or their families. Inspired by these artifacts, participants will be encouraged to share any stories or memories that are prompted by the objects.

The workshop is designed to stimulate memory by engaging participants with hands-on activities and sensory experiences. Participants will be encouraged and empowered to share their experiences. Museum Memories will encourage participants to connect their stories and life experiences to a broader historical context, through guided conversation. This will help reduce social isolation and promote a positive feeling of inclusion within the community and for our collective history.

  • Listing ID: 1530
  • Primary Applicant: Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre
  • Event or Completion Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022
  • Approved Amount: $5,800
  • Location: Jordan Station, ON