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Macassa Lodge Japanese Lunch Program

 Small Group


We would like to have support for our lunch program so that we can expand to include more survivors who live in the area. The current participants are very few and most of the helpers would appreciate purchasing their fresh fruit and other snacks already prepared. When we began the program there were no ready made fruit platters available to buy at the grocery store so we divided up the fresh fruit and each volunteer cut it up and brought fruit to serve. We were told that the residents were longing for Japanese food and fresh fruit. We have had to turn away participants because the delivery of the bentos is difficult for one driver. There are no Japanese Restaurants in Hamilton run by anyone with a Japanese background so when we get bentos we must order from Toronto or Burlington or Oakville. Support for delivery of bentos would help our program. We have a large room that we use at Macassa Lodge for our program once a month. The room has a built in screen and projector but we sometimes have difficulty playing videos from our computer. It would help us if we could give a younger person an honorarium to help us run videos and bring in a small computer. Entertainment in the past has been singers, ikebana demonstrations, odori, taiko, Hawaiian dance, Highland Scottish dance, magic shows, piano singalongs, videos, talks by the police about fraud, talks about finance, talks about health food. We would like to continue to have entertainment but if we have to ask for entertainers who live outside of Hamilton we would like to help with their transportation costs.

  • Listing ID: 1468
  • Primary Applicant: Macassa Lodge Japanese Lunch Program
  • Event or Completion Date: Saturday, December 31, 2022
  • Approved Amount: $3,000
  • Location: Hamilton, ON