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National Association of Japanese Canadians



The title of this project is inspired by the way in which Residential School Survivors are given voice and honoured across the country by their communities. It is a bridging of traditional practice and colonial practise. Sadly, so many of the Internment Survivors have passed or are not able to attend events any longer. It is our responsibility to ensure they are not forgotten and honour those who are still with us.

The NAJC Human Rights Organizing Committee wishes to invite Survivors of the Japanese Canadian Internment to a luncheon as part of our larger Human Rights Conference to be held in early November. The Symposium will commemorate and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NAJC in Toronto.

The Symposium itself as well as the luncheon will honour the experiences, losses and displacement of those of Japanese ancestry during WW2, whose families were torn apart, sent to work camps and internment camps, divested of all possessions, property and most tragically stripped of their human rights all due to the colour of their skin, their race.

To do this in the way we have learned from Indigenous communities honouring Elders and Survivors, we would like to request funding to ensure they are able to attend without cost and made to feel welcome and truly honoured. We would also include Survivor voices on the committee to help inform the work. They have more than paid their dues over the years.

As 2022 is the 80th Anniversary of the Interment, we feel this is both an honour and a responsibility to all those who have come before us.

  • Listing ID: 1535
  • Primary Applicant: National Association of Japanese Canadians
  • Event or Completion Date: Saturday, October 29, 2022
  • Approved Amount: $5,000
  • Location: Winnipeg, MB