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Ontario Tottori Kenjinkai

 Small Group


Our Project has three components – a 2022 reunion event, better connection between meetings, and an update our 2010 family history book. Many of our elders/survivors are in their 90s and more. To keep the families connected annually and between meetings we need more inter-generational members to come out and keep the group history alive for future generations.

Gathering – In lieu of an annual meeting and luncheon of the Association, bring 60-70 members together for luncheon to honour Survivors and their long history of “cultural guardian” efforts. Encourage Yonsei and Gosei to attend to help with keeping Survivors connected to Ken Jin Kai members. Arrange for/subsidize transportation for Survivors to attend the luncheon and/or to deliver bento to Survivors who cannot attend. Hire a photographer to take photos during the event. Postage and printing costs to send photos to members following event. Potentially partner with other Ken Jin Kai who wish to honour their Survivors as well.

Keeping Connected – Connect Ken Jin Kai through Zoom or Teams calls between meetings. Enlist Yonsei and Gosei volunteers to work with Survivors to ensure Survivors have support for using computers for video calls and email to keep connected between annual meetings. Potentially partner with a corporate sponsor/donor to help the Association purchase iPads for distribution to Survivors who do not currently have a means of connecting to video calls or email.

Book Update – Through video calls and e-mail seek family history stories to be shared at the Gathering. Provide an honorarium to a historian/writer to capture the stories shared at the Gathering and help update of the 2010 collection of family stories, including documenting entries by families who did not submit stories previously. Enlist Yonsei and Gosei volunteers to work with Survivors to capture stories or updates for/with the historian/writer.

  • Listing ID: 1471
  • Primary Applicant: Ontario Tottori Kenjinkai
  • Event or Completion Date: Sunday, September 18, 2022
  • Approved Amount: $3,000
  • Location: Toronto, ON