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Toronto Buddhist Church



The upgrade consists of a substantive improvement to the Toronto Buddhist Church’s (TBC) broadcast and communications systems. There are two separate but related components needing improvement: external and internal communications systems.

With COVID-19 many of our members – especially our vulnerable seniors – have been at home. Given our current constraints with both limited internet access and broadcast challenges, services has become increasing problematic with delays, interruptions and slowdowns. We are confident that the broadcast computer, 5G and 5GHz WiFi upgrades will greatly enhance the quality of our delivery and our outreach to all, especially seniors that are more at risk and increasing immobile.

We also recognize that our internal legacy communication and audio visual systems are aging and not optimized for our increasing aging
congregation. In this regard we are confident that the internal upgrades including mixer, amplified speakers and wall mounted screens will greatly increase the sound and visual quality of the TBC’s services and presentations for all, especially the elderly.

  • Listing ID: 1549
  • Primary Applicant: Toronto Buddhist Church
  • Event or Completion Date: Friday, March 31, 2023
  • Approved Amount: $5,000
  • Location: Toronto, ON