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Vernon Buddhist Temple Association jointly with Vernon Japanese Cultural Society



To install a Hearing Loop System in the Main Hall (gym) and Meeting Room of the Vernon Japanese Cultural Center where our Temple and The VJCS conducts all Activities.

What Is A Hearing Loop System? A hearing loop system wirelessly transmits audio from the sound system discreetly and conveniently to the recipient’s own hearing aid when the Tele-Coil or “T-Coil” function is switched on. Most hearing aids already have ‘T-Coils’. The sound can also be received by Portable Loop Receivers that a person can plug earbuds or headphones into. This allows people without Hearing Aids to use the Hearing Loop.

How Does It Work? A dedicated Auris loop amplifier sends the audio signal into a cable that has been installed around a room. Anyone within the seated “looped” area can switch on their hearing aid to the “T-Coil” position to wirelessly receive a very clear and engaging signal directly to their earpiece.

Benefits Of A Hearing Loop System. As advanced as hearing aid technology now is, the integral microphone alone in the earpiece sometimes cannot separate the sounds that people want to hear from those that they don’t. The loop system facilitates better hearing by delivering the audio signal directly to the recipient eliminating:

  • Background Noise
  • Echo/Reverb
  • Being at a less than ideal distance.

Unlimited Use. There is no limit to how many people can use the loop system with their T-Coils once within the Loop area with their “T-Coils” switched on.
More info here :

  • Listing ID: 1552
  • Primary Applicant: Vernon Buddhist Temple Association
  • Joint Applicant(s): Vernon Japanese Cultural Society
  • Event or Completion Date: Saturday, December 31, 2022
  • Approved Amount: $5,600
  • Location: Vernon, BC