June 1, 2024: Update for the Japanese Canadian Survivors Health and Wellness Fund

Dear Japanese Canadian community,

We are pleased to report that since opening on February 1, 2024, over 4,680 Survivor applications have been registered through the Japanese Canadian Survivors Health & Wellness Fund. Cheques are being issued across the country. In recognition of questions and concerns raised by community members, we are providing some information below.

Many survivors have applied weeks ago and are still waiting for cheques. When can they expect payment?
Currently, cheques are delayed for up to 10 – 12 weeks due to the time it takes to process applications. Please contact your local outeach worker if you haven't received your cheque within this time. We thank all applicants for their continued patience as our team works hard to serve our seniors. We are currently prioritizing applications based on age, health, financial and wellness needs.

How are applications processed?
All applications must go through a mandatory validation process before they can be approved and cheques issued. Once an application is submitted online, you will be assigned a SR-xxxxxx reference number, please keep this number handy.

The first step is confirmation of date of birth prior to April 1, 1949. The next step is validation of Roots in British Columbia, which confirms the Survivor’s ties to BC prior to April 1, 1949.

How is validation of roots in British Columbia done?
Using the information on your application, the Outreach Team will consult various approved database sources such as Uprooted Japanese Canadians or Landscapes of Injustice to validate your roots in British Columbia prior to April 1, 1949. For those Survivors whose parents were uprooted before their birth (generally between 1942 – 1949), the research may take more time as your name may not be on any of the official database sources.

Is there a way to speed up my application?
The best and quickest method to validate roots in BC is your original British Columbia Longform Birth Certificate (original document with official seal only). This document includes the names of your parents.

If you have your original BC Longform Birth Certificate, please contact your Outreach Worker directly to confirm that it has been included as part of your application as this will speed up the processing of your application.

For these and other enquiries, you may also contact our JCSHWF General Phone/Toll-free phone or email:

JCSHWF General phone 250.797.6300
JCSHWF North American toll-free phone 1.833.368.6462

JCSHWF Email: help@jcwellness.org

The list of Outreach Workers is available on our website: https://jcwellness.org/outreachworkers

We thank all Survivors for their patience and understanding as we proceed through the validation process for all 4600+ applications.

The Japanese Canadian Survivor Health & Wellness Fund is open for applications until March 31, 2025.




April 27, 2024: Update from JCLS

The Japanese Canadian Survivors Health and Wellness Fund Society and the Japanese Canadian Legacies Society thank our elders for their patience in the opening of the Japanese Canadian Survivors Health and Wellness Fund and the processing of applications. It is deeply appreciated.

The JCSHWFS has begun mailing health support grant cheques to individual Survivors across Canada to assist with their health care needs.

Since opening for applications on February 1, 2024, The JCSHWFS has received over 4,300 applications. Given the number of applications, we currently anticipate that it will take 10 – 12 weeks from the time of validation until a cheque is mailed out. Two weeks after the mailing of the cheque, an Outreach Worker will contact the Survivor to ensure that the cheque was received and cashed.


For those Survivors who have not yet applied for a health support grant, Outreach Workers are hosting events across Canada to provide information and onsite application assistance, including validating eligibility by confirming that the Survivor has roots in British Columbia prior to April 1, 1949.

In-person Outreach Worker events are being offered in the following zones: British Columbia; Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario; Ontario + Quebec + Eastern Canada. Please visit jcwellness.org/events for an up-to-date list of sessions in your area.

Online Zoom sessions are also available for Survivors and their families who wish to have documents validated virtually. Please visit jcwellness.org/outreachworkers to find the contact information for Outreach Workers and upcoming events in your area

Survivors  and their families are encourage to visit jcwellness.org for complete information on the the Japanese Canadian Survivors Health & Wellness Fund, including eligibility, how to apply, and a list of frequently asked questions.


Japanese Canadian Survivors Health & Wellness Fund (JCSHWF) is run by the Japanese Canadian Survivors Health & Wellness Fund Society (JCSHWF). For any questions about the JCSHWF, please send a brief message to help@jcwellness.org. A staff member will respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you.


General phone 250.797.6300

North American toll-free phone 1.833.368.6462

Please leave a voicemail with your name and phone number as we are receiving a high volume of calls. Our Outreach Workers are working to answer calls as soon as possible.

To find the contact information for an Outreach Worker in your region, please visit the Outreach Workers page and click on your region.



April 1, 2024: Update for the Japanese Canadian Survivors Health and Wellness Fund

Dear Japanese Canadian Community,

Today marks two months since the Fund was open for applications and we are pleased to report that over 4300 Survivor applications have been received to date.

The fund is open until March 31, 2025. Online applications are on our website www.jcwellness.org.
We want to inform you on the process and wait time for a cheque.

See Process Flow:


1. How to Apply:

Once you apply, you will receive a reference number (Survivor Request number, SR#-XXXXXX) by email. Please keep this number.

The next step is to have your eligibility validated by an Outreach Worker.

2. Options for Validation by an Outreach Worker:

  • Regional Event, see www.jcwellness.org/events/
  • Virtual Interview - (via Zoom or Microsoft Teams)
  • Declaration Form signed by a guarantor (non-family member) – coming soon
  • Site/Home Visit - (available for special circumstances)

You can wait for an Outreach Worker in your area to contact you. However, due to the volume of applications, it may take several weeks from when you submitted your application. It is faster to find a regional event near you on our website - www.jcwellness.org/events/. If you have mobility issues, please contact the OW in your region to make an appointment.

3. Documents to Have Ready for validation:

To validate your application, please bring at least two pieces of ID that can confirm identity, date of birth, and current mailing address of the applicant. At least one should be photo ID.

Documents to confirm identity, at least one photo ID:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Provincial identification card or health card
  • Drivers licence
  • Utility bill or statement with mailing address

For Grant 2, in order to verify proof of life the Survivor should be present, or if they are living in a seniors residence/long term care facility, please have a signed letter from the health care facility on their letterhead stating that the Survivor is a current resident.

If you are the Power-of-Attorney (POA) for an applicant please bring the POA documentation, and ID that confirms the POA’s identity and address in addition to the Survivor’s ID.

Once your documents are validated by an Outreach Worker, no further action is required by the Survivor. Just wait for the cheque to arrive in the mail, estimated to take 10-12 weeks from time of validation.

4. Validation of Roots in British Columbia

Staff will confirm that the Survivor has roots in British Columbia prior to April 1, 1949.

5. Cheque Issued

Due to the volume of applications, we currently anticipate that the cheques will take 10-12 weeks from time of validation.

6. Cheque Receipt and Deposit Follow-up by Outreach Worker

Two weeks following the mailing of the cheque, an Outreach Worker will contact the Survivor to ensure that the cheque was received and cashed.


We thank you for your patience. If you require any assistance, please contact our office at help@jcwellness.org or call our North America toll free number 1-833-368-6462.



February 1, 2024 – Launch Announcement

February 1, 2024, Launch Date for Japanese Canadian Survivors Health and Wellness Fund

Dear Japanese Canadian Community,

On February 1, 2024, the online application portal for the Japanese Canadian (JC) Survivors Health and Wellness Fund (JCSHWF) will open.  The Team has diligently worked to create an application process that is simple, efficient, and ensures that your information is secure and protected.

The launch of the program is scheduled for February 1st, 2024, at 1000 AM PST. The event will be livestreamed to allow the JC Community to attend remotely. The program will provide details on the grants available and the application process. Instructions to watch the livestream will follow.

Outreach Workers are available across Canada to support JC Survivors with their applications and will be hosting regional events to provide more information and assist with applications in-person.

The online application will be accessible on our website, www.jcwellness.org on February 1st until March 31, 2025. Applications can be filled out by a Survivor, a trusted representative or through an Outreach Worker.

Two grants are available for Japanese Canadian Survivors:

  • Grant 1 ($650): For Survivors who did not receive the 2021 Grant that was offered between September 1 to October 31, 2021.
  • Grant 2 ($4500): A new grant to support living Survivors with their individual Health & Wellness needs.

Eligible Survivors must:

  • be of Japanese descent
  • be born before April 1, 1949
  • have lived in British Columbia before April 1, 1949, OR had parents or grandparents who lived in British Columbia before April 1, 1949
  • have been directly impacted by the actions of the BC government before April 1, 1949

All grant applications will go through a validation process. Outreach Workers will be contacting each applicant to securely validate their eligibility and identity. Once applications are processed, a cheque will be mailed to the Survivor within 6-8 weeks.

Please check our website https://jcwellness.org for further information regarding the grants, eligibility criteria, documents to prepare and frequently asked questions. The website will be updated prior to the launch on February 1st with more information.

We, the Board of Directors and staff, appreciate your patience, and eagerly anticipate the February 1st launch with you.


Joanne Miyazaki (Executive Director) and the JCSHWFS Team

Email: joanne.miyazaki@jcwellness.org

Direct phone: 437-855-9750



January 2024 Update

Dear Japanese Canadian Community,

Happy New Year to you and your family! Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu!


As we embark on the new year, it is an opportune time to reflect on the current status of The Japanese Canadian Survivors Health and Wellness Fund Society and share insights into our operating plan moving forward. We must extend our sincere apologies for the delayed opening of the Japanese Canadian Survivors Health and Wellness Fund, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.

We understand that many members of the Japanese Canadian (JC) Community have been inquiring about the fund’s status or concerned that they may have missed the opportunity to apply. We want to assure everyone that the grant application has not yet opened, but our commitment to launching in early 2024 remains steadfast.

Unfortunately, several setbacks have affected our timeline, but we want to reassure you that the Board and Staff are equally frustrated with the current status. Significant changes have been implemented to expedite the process, with the sole objective of opening the fund as quickly as possible.

Behind the scenes, we are actively working to improve the online application system and develop a comprehensive communication and operating plan to reach more Survivors. We have recently onboarded Outreach Workers to support Survivor outreach. More information about the regional Outreach Workers and the outreach process will follow shortly.

When the 2024 fund opens, Survivors who did not receive a grant in 2021 will have the opportunity to apply for Grant 1 ($650). Additionally, all eligible Survivors can apply for and new grant (Grant 2) to help support their out-of-pocket health and wellness expenses. The application process will cover both Grant 1 and Grant 2, with one cheque per applicant disbursed.

For detail information on the grants, including amounts, eligibility criteria, and frequently asked questions, please visit our website https://jcwellness.org/.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, I sincerely appreciate your continued patience as we develop a robust and efficient application process with the necessary support and respect that our Japanese Canadian Survivors deserve.

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Miyazaki, Executive Director

Direct phone: 437-855-9750

Email: joanne.miyazaki@jcwellness.org