Find a Regional Outreach Worker & Upcoming Events

The Japanese Canadian Survivors Health and Wellness Fund Society is operated by a Canada-wide, regionally representative Board that includes a team of Outreach Workers.

Outreach Workers are available across Canada to engage the Japanese Canadian community, find and locate eligible applicants and support Survivors with making their applications. They will also be hosting various in-person information and application assistance events in each region.

We are proud to be an inter-generational team composed of Survivors, Sanseis and Yonseis

Click on your region below to find the contact information of Outreach Workers and upcoming events in your area:

British Columbia/Territories


Manitoba + Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario

Ontario + Quebec and Eastern Canada


  • If you are a Survivor applying from outside Canada, please see our contact us page to reach our general email or phone number on our contact page


Joanne Miyazaki

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Cathy Makihara


Burnaby, BC

David Iwaasa

Vice President | Treasurer

Vancouver, BC

Kelvin Higo


Richmond, BC

Susan Matsumoto

Calgary, Alberta

Ruth Coles

Burnaby, BC

Shelley-Ann Yamashita

Toronto, Ontario

Marlene Mori

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ann Ashley

Toronto, Ontario